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Airport Improvement Magazine Showcases SAIM’s Impressive Pilot Results

Check out the May 2021 issue of Airport Improvement Magazine for details on the success of SAIM’s pilot tests at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas and California’s Oakland International Airport. With our pilot complete, SAIM is ready to expand to airports across the United States and beyond. Uncover the real-world value of SAIM by…

SAIM Hires Chief Operating Officer in Pursuit of Growth and Excellence

SAIM Hires Chief Operating Officer in Pursuit of Growth and Excellence

SAIM welcomes Tina Lux-Boim as Chief Operating Officer for her expertise in technology and software as a service (SaaS) ventures.

SAIM Inspect App

New SAIM Inspect App Saves Operators Time; Gives Owners Transparency

The new SAIM Inspect app and handheld device interfaces with the Tank Farm Manager module to streamline how operators schedule and conduct their maintenance and inspection activities and provides remote stakeholders ready access to supporting documentation.

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The Importance of Knowledge Transfer to the Next Generation

Our experienced team members and leaders come from environments where “knowledge is power,” but in today’s workplace the power lies in knowledge sharing. Companies who want to actively capture retiring knowledge and create a modern workforce need to transfer it in a way that will translate into the kind of digital learning and workplace environment the next generation expects.

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Improve the Accuracy and Efficiency of Design and Construction with Digital Engineering Tools

October 19, 2020 Minimize Errors and Reduce Costs Using Digital Engineering Tools Digital engineering tools, like LiDAR scanning, point cloud registration and 3D modeling, guide design and construction projects from start to finish, minimizing errors and reducing costs. Here’s a real-world example from an industrial wastewater treatment plant that needed to modify piping associated with…

SAIM LiDar Scanning a Tank Farm Facility

LiDAR Scanning: The Foundation of Digital Transformation

September 16, 2020 Your Facility’s Digital Transformation Begins with LiDAR LiDAR scanning is the foundation for accurately capturing the geometric data and measurements of the assets within a facility. Put simply, LiDAR scanning is the first step in creating an as-built 3D CAD model of your tank farm. Without LiDAR scanning, digital transformation of your…

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Digital Engineering: Defined

August 26, 2020 Digital engineering can be a game changer for designing and building fueling facilities – especially when data is missing, outdated or scattered. Design tools such as LiDAR scanning, point cloud registration, and intelligent 3D models help engineers and designers create accurate construction drawings and reduce changes during the process. That means engineering…

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Owners, Operators, and Engineers Get on the ‘SAIM’ Page With New Asset Management Platform for Oil & Gas Infrastructure

July 13, 2020 We are excited to bring owners, operators, and engineers a new technology that will revolutionize the fuel storage industry. After a successful two-year pilot program, SAIM™, a digital engineering asset management solution is ready for market. Oil and gas facilities, such as fuel systems and tank farms, will benefit from the smarter…