SAIM Team Snapshot: Shane Busch

Get to know Shane Busch, Digital Modeling Manager for SAIM™.
Shane has been with SAIM since 2021, part of the Argus fuel system design team since 2015, and is located in Overland Park, Kansas.  


What is the best career lesson you've learned so far?


Learn as much as you can from the people around you. Teamwork and leadership thrive when great people share information and experiences.

What does your role as a Digital Modeling Manager entail?

My primary focus is the "Photos & Measurements" and "3D CAD Model" modules of SAIM. Utilizing my years of experience in fueling infrastructure design, I’m helping to ensure SAIM provides a useful platform for the clients' engineering support services to the facilities. By digitizing and centralizing these interactive designs and photos, the platform lets owners and operators troubleshoot site issues with their engineers and vendors faster and more cost-effectively than trying to get everyone to the site or trying to locate and communicate what's on the paper drawings. The same efficiencies apply when using these tools to more accurately plan, estimate, and design infrastructure development and replacement needs.

In one sentence, describe the SAIM platform.

SAIM is a central platform for owners, operators, and engineers to collectively view the present and improve the future of industrial facilities.

What element of the SAIM digital platform has you most excited?

SAIM is in a constant state of innovation, but I’m particularly excited about the potential for further integration between the modules, as we continue to advance our digital twin technologies.

What drew you to wanting to begin your position with SAIM?

3D infrastructure design has been at the forefront of my career in the fueling industry. After utilizing SAIM on engineering projects myself, it was clear the advantage it had over periodic site visits and pictures. I was interested in getting involved right away.

How is SAIM supporting the Argus vision of being the trusted partner in fuels?

The close partnership between SAIM and Argus Consulting offers clients a more modern way to access their facilities' data and documents for their current operational needs, while also providing an industry-standardized platform for discussion and planning to ensure facility owners are ready for the sustainable fuels and energy management of the future.