SAIM Hires Chief Operating Officer in Pursuit of Growth and Excellence

SAIM™ is proud to welcome Tina Lux-Boim as Chief Operating Officer. She brings decades of experience in business growth strategies, product and software development, and organizational effectiveness. Most recently, she served as CEO of Managed Maintenance, Inc., a software services company.

SAIM Hires Chief Operating Officer in Pursuit of Growth and Excellence

In her previous roles, Tina has demonstrated that she is a motivating leader and focused on delivering internal and external results. She was hired specifically for her expertise in technology and software as a service (SaaS) ventures. In her new role as COO of SAIM, Tina is focused on the company's long-term strategic direction and vision and preparing the platform for growth.


“As SAIM's client base grows, so does the need to grow our team and our capabilities. We are building an organizational structure that is scalable and ensures our clients' long-term success with the SAIM platform through best-in-class development processes, security and client support.”

Tina shared the three aspects of SAIM that excite her most about the technology and the opportunities it provides for the industry.


1. The innovation and scalability of the SAIM platform that ensures it will continue to evolve over the long-term as the industry and its needs evolve.


2. Introducing, to a traditional industry, the ideation of a digital twin that drives them into cloud computing, the new standard for fast growing businesses and industries.


3. The opportunity to be part of a creative and passionate team that is already providing a valuable tool to the industries they serve but excited about continuing to enhance and improve that tool, making it the preeminent solution for harnessing the power of IoT for a real time look at a system's performance.

Houston-based Smart Asset Integrity Management LLC (SAIM™) benefits from the experience and knowledge of the facility design engineers and specialists at its mother company, Argus Consulting, Inc., a leader in the fuels systems infrastructure engineering industry. For more than 25 years, employee-owned Argus Consulting has focused solely on program management, design, construction administration, and asset integrity management of fuel receiving, storage and distribution facilities and systems.