SAIM Team Snapshot: Evan Tinker

Get to know Evan Tinker, Client Success Manager for SAIM™.
Evan has been with SAIM since 2021, and he is located in Overland Park, Kansas.  


What does your role as a Client Success Manager entail?


I am the point of contact for the fuel facility operators, owners or other stakeholders. I help in deploying SAIM, training each user, and following up to ensure clients can use SAIM to their greatest benefit.

Tell us about your career leading up to your position with SAIM.

Prior to being Client Success Manager at SAIM, I worked as a mechanical engineer at Argus Consulting working on fueling projects for airports, military bases and railroads. I also ran a small engine repair shop in Kansas City fixing everything from chainsaws to go-carts.

What drew you to wanting to begin your position with SAIM?

I was intrigued by the excitement of getting to bring something new to the fueling industry. Technology has entered nearly every aspect of our culture but seemed to have passed fueling facilities by. The opportunity to deploy a new digital platform made specifically for the fueling industry is very exciting.

In one sentence, describe the SAIM platform.

The SAIM platform is a digital twin of a fueling facility that allows for operators and stakeholders to see what is happening in real time.

What element of the SAIM digital platform has you most excited?

I love the real-time signals, because it brings life to the digital twin facility. Being able to see pumps running or an active pipeline receipt is really exciting to me. With the real-time signals active, the SAIM Dashboard comes alive doing behind the scenes calculations that can show how many days of fuel are remaining, or how many hours of run time a pump has had since its last maintenance. These simple things help the operator stay out in front of issues and can give them peace of mind knowing exactly how many days of reserve they have in storage to support their traffic demand.

In what ways have you seen SAIM assisting in how Operators can serve critical infrastructure?

At any one facility you can have several hundred pieces of equipment, each with its own daily check, recommended maintenance or required service interval. It can be hard to keep track of each piece. With a little setup, SAIM brings these things together for the operator and can remind them when it is time to service a piece of equipment. These little things keep equipment in tip-top shape and keep critical infrastructure active and ready.