SAIM Team Snapshot: Tina Lux-Boim

Get to know Tina Lux-Boim, President of SAIM™.
Tina joined the SAIM team in 2020, and she is located in Overland Park, Kansas.  


What is the best career lesson you've learned so far?


Maintaining integrity and ethics is foundational to any sustainable success and more importantly critical to be happy with yourself as a leader, vendor and business partner.

Tell us about your career leading up to your position with SAIM.

My career started in the non-profit sector focused on youth sports in the prevention of juvenile crime and violence. Six years later and with a desire to reduce travel and spend quality time with my family, I transitioned into the technology sector, just one year prior to the Y2K frenzy.

I currently have 20+ years’ experience in the technology industry.

Initially, I worked for a reseller in the technology sales space. During my tenure, I brought my philosophy of people, processes and technology into the business creating a business unit specialized in technology asset contract, warranty and services management. From there, I launched Managed Maintenance, Inc., a startup company. With the support and commitment of my executive team, I created a high-performance culture directing the overall company vision and strategy across contract management as well as SaaS platform development and automation/maintenance services. I cultivated strong business relationships from previous industry interactions to develop and maintain large global accounts like IBM, Lenovo, Aveva, Ingram Micro, and Tech Data to name a few, all while playing a key role in selecting and designing use cases and integrating all software applications in the support of the business operations including CRM, marketing automation, financial packages, and software help desk ticketing system.

As co-founder and CEO of MMI, I oversaw the day-to-day operations of the business, and setting overall strategy while driving execution. Possessing a full range of operational leadership skills across processes, people and technology I am focused on continuously seeking opportunities to improve processes and increase efficiencies.  These are all skills I am excited to bring to SAIM as it embarks on a successful SaaS journey of its own.

What element of the SAIM digital platform has you most excited?

I am excited, because I understand from my previous business experience as both an owner and a leader in the technology space that the objective of SAIM, Smart Asset Integrity Management, is a critical area for any business or industry that desires to operate with transparency and make data-driven decisions. With the power of IoT and our real-time performance monitoring, powered by the automation within the platform, SAIM can transform data into meaningful, actionable data analytics allowing stakeholders to make informed decisions based on individual key performance indicators as well as industry benchmarks supported by the automation and illustration of a “digital twin”.

The possibilities for offering clients in any number of industries a “digital twin” with asset inventory, maintenance and monitoring data that drives them to identify patterns, operate more efficiently and in an environmentally sustainable framework, that’s what excites me. The opportunities to improve how not just clients but entire industries operate is EXCITING!

What's a fun fact about you?

I am a huge boxing fan and for many years was a USA Boxing certified amateur boxing official.

Favorite Quote

“Sight shows us what is, vision shows us what can be."