SAIM Team Snapshot: Adeline Ellis

Get to know Adeline Ellis, Deployment Specialist for SAIM™.
Adeline has been with SAIM since the beginning of September, and she is located in Overland Park, Kansas.  

Adeline on top of a tank.


"I am using my adaptability to make a complex system more user friendly and easier to comprehend."

SAIM Welcomes New Deployment Specialist

Adeline Ellis works on facility deployments alongside SAIM's Project Managers Shelby Robbe and Evan Tinker. Her role includes managing tasks such as installing the hardware on the hydrant systems and tank farms, consulting with operators, and providing additional assistance and continued support for both the software and hardware.

Adeline said she constantly learns new things from her work at SAIM, whether in the field or through virtual meetings. From basic engineering to software operations, she said she "enjoys teaching others about a platform that will make their lives easier and more organized."

Before joining SAIM, Adeline was in law school at the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC), where she studied criminal law and worked at the pro bono Death Penalty Representation Clinic. During undergrad, she studied sociology, psychology, and political science. Her background and experience have shaped her to be adaptable in the ever-evolving SaaS company that SAIM is.

SAIM helps operators manage their ATA tasks more effectively, track issues virtually, and directly communicate about job tasks. In addition, SAIM's technology allows airlines to manage their budgets based on continuous data, which is an integral way to predict and avoid future risks.

"With the implementation of SAIM, each facility's performance becomes transparent and is easier to hold accountable," Adeline said.