SAIM Team Snapshot: Shelby Robbe

Get to know Shelby Robbe, Client Success Manager for SAIM™.
Shelby has been with SAIM since 2020, and she is located in Overland Park, Kansas.  


What five words would you use to describe SAIM, LLC.?


Rewarding. Exciting. Challenging. Collaborative. Supportive.

What does your role as a Client Success Manager entail?

I support a facility's full deployment and implementation of SAIM's As-built, Maintenance and Monitoring packages. This includes introducing the platform to the onsite team, gathering documents and drawings for digitization, identifying critical maintenance and inspection tasks, as well as tagging and tracking infrastructure assets and equipment for the "Tank Farm Manager" and "Real-Time Signals" modules. Additionally, I lead the configuration of technology needs with the operations organization, conducting onsite onboarding, and providing the ongoing training and client support necessary to the operators and owners. I am the point of contact for any questions regarding SAIM from one of my assigned facilities.

What do you like most about your job?

Being that my background is in mechanical engineering, I've always loved the engineering aspects and origins of using the platform, but I've also always been a big people person. Working with SAIM allows me to do both. I get to use my engineering background to help create and implement a program, while meeting new people and traveling to new cities. I enjoy being a part of something that is changing the industry. It is rewarding to see SAIM being embraced by so many new facilities and watching this system of technology-aided operations and engineering come to life.

In what ways have you seen SAIM improve how Engineers can serve critical infrastructure?

SAIM helps engineers serve critical infrastructure by giving them the transparency and ability to keep up with everything going on at a facility, from behind their desk, offering consulting support more quickly and efficiently for their clients. The engineer has access to the document management module which allows them to see as-builts, manuals, records, or any document they would need to reference instead of having to go to the facility and dig through binders of papers. They can review work orders and inspection reports to review an asset's performance issues or maintenance history. For the facilities that utilize the as-built package, their engineering support team can reference the LiDAR scan high-resolution photos and measurable 3D models when needing to visualize, manage, or design around or through existing infrastructure. Engineers can also benefit from the real-time signals dashboards to see tank levels, pump runtimes, etc., and identify areas for concern to help their clients and operators proactively stay ahead of mechanical issues or failure.

In what ways have you seen SAIM assist Operators with serving critical infrastructure?

SAIM’s Tank Farm Manager assists operators with the inspection and maintenance tasks that they routinely complete. It organizes all their recurring tasks, and keeps those and one-time work orders in an online centralized system. SAIM is helping the fuel management industry and tank farm operations to move past pen and paper methods for critical inspection and maintenance tasks and audits. These papers are traditionally stored in binders and placed on a shelf, available only to those at the site. SAIM changes all that by allowing operators to digitally log tasks, work orders, add documents, comments, pictures, and recordings, all through a few clicks on a computer or handheld device. It supports General Managers and Lead Operators with their resource planning, and keeps their teams' tasks and work orders organized to ensure nothing gets missed, gives them a clear story to tell about what needs to be prioritized in budgets and planning, and keeps them ahead of what’s to come.

Where can you be found when you're not at work?

If I am not at work, I can be found at the lake, on a walk, or hanging out with my friends somewhere in Kansas City.