SAIM Team Snapshot: Shelby Robbe

SAIM Team Snapshot: Shelby Robbe July 15, 2022 Get to know Shelby Robbe, Client Success Manager for SAIM™. Shelby has been with SAIM since 2020, and she is located in Overland Park, Kansas.   What five words would you use to describe SAIM, LLC.?   Rewarding. Exciting. Challenging. Collaborative. Supportive. What does your role as a…

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Digital Engineering: Defined

3D Design Overlay On Existing Lidar Scan

Digital Engineering: Defined August 26, 2020 Digital engineering can be a game changer for designing and building fueling facilities – especially when data is missing, outdated or scattered. Design tools such as LiDAR scanning, point cloud registration, and intelligent 3D models help engineers and designers create accurate construction drawings and reduce changes during the process.…

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